Total Token Supply:

The total supply of Neuralcoin is set at 1 billion tokens. This number is determined based on our economic model and project needs, aiming to balance supply and demand and maintain the stability of the token.

Token Issuance Mechanism:

The issuance of Neuralcoin will be conducted in a predictable manner to ensure that the token supply aligns with the development needs of the platform. The issuance process will be automatically executed by smart contracts and controlled based on certain rules and parameters.

Staking Reward Mechanism:

We have established a staking reward mechanism to incentivize users to stake Neuralcoin tokens on the platform. With the power of compound interest, staking rewards are approximately 5% per month. If staked for one year, users can expect to receive an 80% return. This will enhance the attractiveness of staking and encourage users to hold and stake for the long term.

Community Governance:

We will establish an open and transparent community governance mechanism that allows community members to participate in the decision-making and adjustments of the economic model. The community will have the right to propose and vote on proposals related to the economic model to ensure its fairness and adaptability.

Inflation Rate:

We will set a moderate inflation rate to ensure that the token supply can meet the growing demands of the platform while avoiding negative impacts on the token value due to inflation. This inflation rate will be determined by our economic team based on market conditions and project needs, and adjusted when necessary.

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